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Calibry is the application of the sector to establish, implement and maintain the management system in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 17025 standard, ensuring the validity of the laboratory results.

Through Calibry, the laboratory evolves to respond to the concept of metrological traceability through the processes implemented through the platform.

It is the platform for true automation of the laboratory calibration procedures, allowing to offer services at more competitive prices.

Integrated management system

Manage the records necessary for compliance with the 17025 standard with a new technological approach for audits, deviations, follow-ups and document control.

Metrological traceability

To ensure it, Calibry integrates the action on the basic pillars: calibration procedures, training and qualification of personnel, calibration plan, control between calibrations and assessment of uncertainty, all as an indispensable condition to demonstrate technical competence.

Ensuring the validity of the results

Calendar, monitoring and control of the activities of ensuring the validity and intercomparisons planned and carried out, reducing and optimizing the time spent in its management.

Historical and correction factors

Graphical management of calibration history, controls between calibration and verification of the acceptance and rejection criteria of external or internal calibrations of our patterns, as a step prior to registering the correction factors applicable in the calibrations in which they are used.

Automated analysis

Automatic data analysis for the determination of measurement series with dependent parameters to obtain values with minimum uncertainty.

Smart graphic visualization

Calibry’s powerful graphical tool allows for easy interpretation of data and direct interaction on results for analysis and decision making.


Based on the established criteria, it automatically provides the numerical results and evaluation of its uncertainty, as well as a declaration of conformity based on a specification or standard and the decision rule agreed upon with the client.

Results reports

With the calibration results, Calibry generates a fully dynamic calibration or test report including tables and graphs of the obtained values, easily adaptable to the needs of the client for a simple interpretation of them.


The next step to automate calibration procedures allowing the recording of data directly from the equipment and its analysis, based on established criteria, and enabling interaction with the equipment involved in the process.

Saas or
In-House Solution

Cloud-hosted service on a platform that provides security, integrity, and flexibility or hosted on-premises.

Provides a wide range of integration capabilities








CL Interface

Open Architecture

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